Monday, January 21, 2008

Kindgirls - Mrs. its serva

I work in the house of one rich woman. My day starts with the fact that I vylizyvayu sucking its owner. She calls me to my room and when I visit, my employer lies in bed, razdvinuv its beautiful, well-groomed and slightly fiddling stalk her clitoris and pointing out that I should do.
I pristraivayus between her legs. Naklanyayus over its precious pisechkoy and there tykayus nose. Vdyhayu this unparalleled flavor. Nose thirsty affection pussy. My tongue is slowly and methodically all skladochki her mouth pisenki. First, I oblizyvayu vybritye purely sexual sponges, and then, beginning in tihonku to go inside, and finding schelochku proskalzyvayu there. Landlady flinches from the first entry. Her letters beginning to allocate juices and the more I charge over her anyway, the more juice stands out. On such delicious. Incomparably delicious. Then it came from my language. I pose in a tight vysasyvayu entire juice, which she had left inside, which has not yet had time vytekti outwards. I vylizyvayu her that would not disappeared, and this drop nectar. Mrs. obessilennaya, but is satisfied with me and smiles. And I smile at her response.
We are moving in the bath, I malosr─Źnost on her body gel and start to massage her well-groomed body. The neck, shoulders, chest… Breast .. I take them in hand, fixing them laskayu sosochki, draznyu their language, they swell from my touch, becomes hard and persistently hanging forward. Opuskayus below… Moi handles slipping on her hips, seat covers. My fingers are beginning to caress those beautiful forms buttocks. I nogotochkami din potsarapyvayu pants. That goes to my hostess went all over his body. Then my palm smoothly moved to the inner side of the hips and eyes begin to stalk, while unintentionally, I would like to touch her fatal. Still, my fingers dotragivayutsya before that schelochki warm between my legs Madam. I hardly heard and tenderly held on clitoris, which by that time had already been filed. Juices and flow with the gentle letter. My fingers are feeling hole and I enter them there…. My owner wants this, I feel it is filed forward to call my fingers, but… But it disqualify me… it needs to work .. It gives me an indication: relax, washing facilities, the letters do not touch, because I will reduce the evening. I smile at her response, in anticipation evening. She comes home evening. Is my bath, washes me closer to my head pizdenku. I want to say that my sex sponges and pierced nipples on the chest and when necessary, it inserts the ring mistress. So, and this time, I pobriv bull, it inserts a sexual lips and nipples ringlets. Prodevaet through ringlets chain. Soski, pisechku anus and molasses cream incident, the clitoris prischepochke hangs in the tiny weight. In anal hole diameter cork inserts anal 6 Podvodit see me to the mirror. I intercepts breath from what I see in the mirror. Before me stands slaves, which I know themselves, which, through nipples leather chain. Conversations go down and down at the bottom of these conversations go through ringlets in sexual sponge. Through these conversations, my lips razdvinuty sex in the hand and reveal at its full strength of edematous exciting cream clitoris, which hangs weight. With each movement, this weight podergivaetsya and further stirs my pizdenku. The landlady gives me directions: in this way today, I will meet with the guests. I tremble all of impatience, when guests will come, and all who will come will see me in a way.

Kindgirls - Morality

My views on the girls began to change when I prochityval Stephen King book, which reported that one man planted his ten-year daughter to their knees and their tersya member of its graphics. I filed together with him. Following been read, I became part, inadvertently stop their views on girls and looked at them as if through clothing, I considered it their charms. Days passed. Wherever I have not had before, almost everywhere, I could see little girls. The heart began beating stronger. Member faced. And I decided to become a little girl lover.

I live nine-storied house. On the second floor, lives with eight-year-old granddaughter. This old day goes on the market for alms. Nadia (her granddaughter) comes from schools in eleven o'clock. I rasplaniroval everything, even what, I am going to say it glory. It was my day.

Descending the stairs, I heard that Nadia, remained at home when one almost has never closed the door on the lock. I am not mistaken. I cautiously opened the door and went inside. They lived in a one-room apartment. On the left of me, I saw the door of the hall, and in front, the kitchen was a few steps. I thought that no one not, and suddenly became zalnaya door open. The door opened and before domnoy privstala Nadia. It was clothed short, white dress. At her person I saw frightened.

-- Do not be afraid, Nadia, I thy grandmother. It asked you to allocate money and chocolates - and I extended 200 - not rubles and chocolates. Her eyes became like, in the rabbit, driven by the trap. I slowly, not carefully, and slowly came to her feet and ran.

-- Do not be afraid, I love you - I said it very affectionately. I smiled and kindness she considered her baby face. Difficulties at this point in my soul new sense of frightened me. Before domnoy stayala small, fragile, defenseless girl who must grow and grow. At this moment, I could not think that I can get hold of her. That idea aroused in me a feeling of disgust, as to all men, healthier orientation, and naverni-ka, I had a pale face, and I left.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kindgirls - The case for medical checkup

This happened when I was in middle school, in the eleventh grade. This was the last year and I decided to take up training, and is no longer good for lessons. Although it was difficult, but I poluchalos.
But I did, however, and prospective recruits, and we were in school examinations, and even though I did not want this, but you had to go.
I was a bit late and one of the last in the queue. Already, it seems, and the doctors began to thin, stayed only one - the surgeon. It was a young female. She was very beautiful and it is not sitting at the table as the other, but only on the stool.
It was a short skirt, blouse and white translucent very short (shorter skirts) gown,
Her thigh, which vidnelos from skirts cut on me, it was very good shows, and here is Christ, I felt like instituted began. What do you do? After all, before me left two people. So she called me to inspect. I pulled time, but I did not want to fall member.
I decided: whether that is opened and shirinku belt and went to it. Her name was Lilia because it is written on her beydzhike, when she finally succeeded glove and turned to me, I saw through her neck naklonivshiysya chest. My member vozbudilsya even more.
She gently zasunulula hand me in pants and all of a sudden, when it pritronulas to NEMU dernulas her hand, but it is not dragged her away, and looked at me and suddenly I saw that it was even more beautiful than had seemed before. To my great surprise, she twice held a hand on the trunk and pulled out a hand reluctantly.
It has paved the way for a thorough examination two days.
I have already forgotten about it as this case. Considering all that has been forgotten, I went to the clinic and when entered the room, then saw that most praktikantku. It was the same yubochka, Revenge floor and gown. She saw me, too, and stood. I, too, was not moving until it is not told to sit down.
My member again, and I did not put it already was ready, but no matter what I did not expect.
Suddenly, it is quite unusual, and opening yourself looking at the chest, said: "Chtozh begin, I realized, stood up and went to it. Alone, I would rasstegnut belt, as she came off my hands and started very slowly, as if teasing began remove me jeans. Voth is not passed, and five minutes as her hand, without gloves polezla me in pants, and slowly withdrew my zateynika outwards. too, I could not have asked for more firm and its change his chair at the table. Thereafter, I withdrew bathrobe and began a person blouse. Bod blouses her breasts nothing stesnyalo and I gently began embracing their mutts. She rolled on the table and I had no choice but to withdraw as her skirt. skirts Under it were transparent panties, which also were soon on the floor . Now I look at the very perfection.
I also got rid of clothes and formed prevented it from above. I began to kiss her on the lips, all descending below, slowly when you come to the chest, I licked first one, then another slightly prikusyvaya nipples. During these actions, it continuously stonala. Already, I finally reached the most cherished and hidden. I specifically stopped directly in front of her genital lips to initiate her even more. She moaned loudly, as if asking, so I worked hard to make it flower. I am not have long to ask. I gently pushed sponge first one, then another, and finally did what she wanted most of all now.
It all flowed, and I have not been able to keep more. I have taken more comfortable working posture and drink a little tip of the penis to vagina, and then gently introduced to the end member.
It seemed screams and cries were heard throughout the clinic where we were
Nastig orgasm us together, and she nimble movement vypihnula my bridesmaid. Rapidly changing working posture she took it in his mouth and skilful actions brought me up to the second orgasm, I konchil her mouth. Pole for a long time, we were lying on the table obnimayas.
We continued to meet, though it was little more years.
In the army now, I certainly will not go because she doctor.
We had a lot SUCH meetings, so wait continuation of the story.

Monday, April 9, 2007